Field Harmonics - Walls CD

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Field Harmonics is the new solo project of Midlands-based multi-instrumentalist Robert Glover, who is also one half of ambient pop experimentalists epic45 and co-founder of the Wayside and Woodland record label. Taking musical influence from 80s synth-pop and electronica, 'Walls' is an astonishingly effective blend of pulsing electronic pop and dreamlike ambience. Glover's boldest statement yet, ‘Walls’ is a pop subversion of epic45’s psychogeographic aural aesthetic.

The music here occupies the place where the Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Boards Of Canada meet, reflecting a love for the pop music of his childhood and the mysterious electronica that emerged throughout the 90s. The album is crammed with soaring warm analogue melodies over which Glover pours his heart out, evoking the passionate atmosphere of indie dance floors everywhere and the bands close to his childhood heart: New Order, Human League, OMD, Tears For Fears and Soft Cell

The songs deal in a deep melancholia, they are stories of loss and change, yet always with an eye on the future and better days to come. Driven by a very personal shift for Glover from the rural landscape of his childhood to the post-industrial ruins of a nearby city, Glover’s first solo album also rests at the point where these two landscapes collide.

This is an album for those who pine for the days of honest electronic pop music that is heartfelt and created with all of the right intentions.

01. Proem
02. Happenstance
03. Walls
04. Regret
05. Kessler
06. Voice
07. Everyone