epic45 - Sun Memory W&W047

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Wayside & Woodland present epic45’s Sun Memory, a 6 track ep that will be available on cd and digital formats. The release date is 24th May 2019.

The songs on this collection are a paean to youthful summers spent in deep countryside or on the Welsh coast, early tape recording experiments on quiet afternoons, memories of Grandparents’ houses and daydreaming on long car journeys.

The track ‘Penarth’, originally intended to be featured on Through Broken Summer, is featured twice; the second, a dreamlike reinterpretation by Antony Harding aka July Skies. Antony also contributed organ and synth layers to ‘Carnival ‘88’.

‘Sun Memory II’ is an alternate edit of the Through Broken Summer song and features another collaboration with Spc Eco vocalist, Rose Berlin with bonus synth texture from Dean Garcia (Curve).

This ep acts as both a consolidation of previous concerns and a partial signifier to the next phase.

Track Listing

1. Sun Memory II
2. Kaleidoscope Days
3. Afternoon Sun Dissolves
4. Penarth
5. Carnival '88
6. Penarth (July Skies Revisit)