My Autumn Empire - Oh, Leaking Universe W&W043

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My Autumn Empire’s melodic yearnings reach new levels of pop-propulsion, on this brand new album ‘Oh, Leaking Universe’ available on CD + digital on Friday 20th July 2018.

My Autumn Empire is the solo project of Benjamin Holton, one half of genre-melding experimentalists epic45 and guitarist for July Skies.

‘Oh, Leaking Universe’ is a culmination of sounds first explored in the acoustic offerings of ‘II’ (2012), and the wood-panelled sounds on ‘The Visitation’ (2014). Only this time there are more electronic elements; a liberal use of drum machine, synths and signal processing.

The track, ‘Frost On My Shoes’ which is featured on the album, has already received radio play from Gideon Coe on 6 music and Stephen McCauley on the Soundscapes show.

Benjamin Holton says, “The album is bookended by expressions of hope. In between, I explored workaday life and faded visions of possible futures. There are these moments when the vastness of the universe seeps through and undermines ‘reality' and I was trying to encapsulate that brief glimpse.”