Component#4 - A Sentence W&W041

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Joining us for the third release in a series of contemporary kitchen-sink homages to life in the West Midlands. Component#4 presents ‘A Sentence’ on CD + digital formats available now for immediate Flac download and shipping.

‘A Sentence’ is a concept piece following the trials of a young person who is frustrated by their life. You can think of this as the third piece of the jigsaw, a trilogy in which Rowley has dismantled experiences of adolescence and employment bound by the post-industrial landscape of the West Midlands, where he grew up and still resides.

The tale at the core of ‘A Sentence’ is inspired by real events and mirrors Rowley’s own thoughts and feelings- however, it deviates from that reality. There is a car crash, there are fatalities and this album sets out the process of how those events are dealt with: both internally and externally. Rowley’s inspiration for this release came from working in a young offenders institute, teaching music production for a number of years, his own voluntary imprisonment.

“Every sound on the EP tries to capture the atmosphere of a prison; the claustrophobia, the concrete, the bars, the gates, the officers, the paranoia. Like my previous releases, the tracks are conceptual but the emotions are very much my own.  When I worked there I too felt trapped, I was essentially locked inside myself for 9 hours a day.  I struggled to find another job so for four years I willingly handed myself in to do my sentence.” - Mike Rowley (Component#4).