epic45 - We Were Never Here (SOLD OUT) W&W048

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A 12" by 12", 48-page photography book + CD accompaniment.

epic45 have dedicated their music-making career to the ordinary threads that run through life. Their releases have always featured documentary photography either curated from family albums or created by themselves. We Were Never Here is the duo’s first photography book with a CD companion of all new work. Photographs were taken and the music was created in South Staffordshire 2019-2020.

The book documents familiar suburban and semi-rural ‘nowhere places’ that exist between large towns and cities, motorways and dual carriageways. A convenience of commuter belt paradises, with row upon row of clinically aligned sensible housing (for those that can afford it!). And the spaces between these where you might find a gate restricting access that leads to no place in particular, or an abandoned outbuilding claiming territory as a dilapidated indicator of ownership.


1. Moss Laden
2. Through Frosted Glass
3. Ritual Ghost
4. By Works
5. Birches
6. Among Ruins
7. Old Light
8. Our Last Sky
9. Private Path
10. Sidings
11. Pond Refraction
12. Transcendental Decay
13. Your Life Is A Faded Spire
14. Eulogy