Richard Youngs - Memory Ain't No Decay W&W044

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“It’s about noticing the world, not trying to change it”

Wayside & Woodland are immensely excited to be releasing a record from one of the UK’s premiere experimental artists, Richard Youngs.

The premise was simple; instead of offering Richard a style or genre for him to refract through his unique filters and facets, Wayside’s Ben Holton (epic45/My Autumn Empire) offered him a list of sorts, reflecting the ethos of the label as a whole. One of absorbing and reflecting the environment in which we live.

The list included; Degradation of memory, decay, change, loss, the beauty of abandoned buildings and places, post-industrial wastlelands, 'edgelands', 'unofficial countryside', grass verges, woodland between housing estates.

From these somewhat ethereal starting points, Richard set about recording an album.

Memory Ain't No Decay is not a concept album. It is merely the sound of Richard Youngs stretching out over long one chord songjams. On this, possibly his 147th album, Youngsian zero histrionics inform all three tracks.

Intimately expansive and expansively intimate it's about multiple guitars and one voice simply making music that leaves everything as it is.  

The album also ships with a CD-R of remixes of the omitted title track 'Memory Ain't No Decay' by artists such as Oliver Cherer, The Declining Winter (Home Assembly Music), The Hardy Tree (ClayPipe), epic45, SWLLWS, E.L. Heath, Component#4.

Track List & Times

A1. Edge Of Everywhere [15:45]
B1. Still Learning [11.15]
B2. Not For My Eyes [5.39]

The album is presented on 12" transparent red vinyl.