E.L. Heath - Shropshire Hill Country CD


Shropshire Hill Country is the second Wayside and Woodland release from Shropshire based multi-instrumentalist, Eric Heath.

Shropshire is the largest inland county in England, flanked by the Welsh county of Powys, Herefordshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire. The mainly unspoilt countryside and many myths and legends, as well as its proximity to Wales makes it a curious place to live, and Eric draws upon this geographical location greatly in his work.

‘Shropshire Hill Country’ was informed experiences of playing gigs in rural Welsh villages, walking and living for a time around “The Marches” and Bishops Castle, attending folk and open mic nights in the middle of nowhere and exploring the mysterious “Darky Dale”. It mixes the obvious beauty and dark undertones of living in the rural countryside as rustic carnivals mix with the hum of an isolated radio telescope, a pastoral scene is punctured by the clatter of quarries, tree felling and bell ringers.