My Autumn Empire - The Village Compass CD

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Under the name My Autumn Empire, epic45’s Ben Holton has been writing, recording and performing for over 9 years, playing gigs in France, Japan and Wolverhampton.

The Village Compass is the first full solo release from this project and is the result of recordings made during the period of 2005-2008. After a long period of mixing and mastering (courtesy of W&W’s Charles Vaughan) the album is finally seeing the light of day.

This album is a focused collection of compositions centered around the idea of life in a remote village. Far from being a dour, introspective record, the music conveys, in parts, a dreamlike state of self-imposed isolation. However, all is not idyllic meditation. Lyrically, and in the titles, the songs and tunes deal with loss both on a personal and wider scale. It is a yearning for simpler times and a retreat from the complexities of modern life however unfeasible and untenable that may be.