Mark Van Hoen - Electronic Music (1982 - 1987) W&W039

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A deluxe collection of works created by Mark Van Hoen entitled “Electronic Music: 1982-1987”, featuring original and previously unseen 35mm photography from the era documenting Van Hoen’s studio and equipment. Presented as double 12" gatefold with blue vinyl.

These largely instrumental pieces were created in the 80s on 4 track tape and mixed down onto cassette. “I used various synthesizers, tape recorders effects etc that were left overnight by clients that had hired my very modest studio for demo recordings. The earliest recordings were made using a reel-to-reel (as pictured on the cover) bounced to an ordinary hi-fi cassette deck.” - writes Mark Van Hoen.

A full list of the instruments used: Accessit Spring Reverb, Alesis Midive, Boss DR55, Casio SK-1, Casio 1000P, Ibanez HD-1000 Harmonzier, Moog Rogue, Roland S-10, Roland TR909, Sequential Circuits, Prophet 5, Sequential Circuits Six Trak, Teac A-3340 4-track recorder, Tascam portastudio, Yamaha DX-9, Yamaha CX-5, Yamaha CS60, Yamaha CS15, Yamaha REX50

Mark Van Hoen has publicly sited the influence growing up in the midlands area, then a major centre of industry in the UK, in the creation of his early works and sounds. He grew up in Smethwick (part of Staffordshire at the time), just 4 miles from Birmingham. This coincides well with Wayside & Woodlands’ landscape driven aesthetic.

This release has been remastered for vinyl by Antony Ryan of ISAN/RedRedPaw Studio.

Track List

A1 Truancy (1983)
A2 Enigma (1984)
A3 Fruit Molecules (1987)
A4 Neil’s Armsong (1987)
A5 Music For Dancers In Disguise (1987)

B1 It Is Called Peace (1985)
B2 Backwards And Forthwith (1985)
B3 Dispelling (1984)
B4 Riverboats (1983)
B5 Reports (1984)

C1 Untitled (1985)
C2 Locked In A Cathedral At Night, Alone (1985)
C3 Please Sir (1982)
C4 Amazon (1985)
C5 Old Men’s War (1983)
C6 Exaggerated Depression (1985)

D1 Fortified Hill (1987)