Component#4 - ...Into Memory... CD


Following on from 2012’s 12” EP, ‘Barbed Wire Sunday’, Wayside and Woodland artist Mike Rowley returns with his debut album 'Into Memory' under the moniker of Component#4.

'Into Memory' , the literal translation of the Latin 'In Memoriam', is a collection of songs that draw on Rowley's childhood growing up in the Black Country area of the West Midlands in the 1990s. During the 1980s the Black Country, so named due its pivotal role in the industrial revolution, became an area of great deprivation and social marginalisation due to the closure of the factories and steel works under Thatcher’s government. Set in this post-industrial landscape, each track on the album is either directly reminiscent of an event in Rowley's childhood or a viewpoint of one of the various characters he encountered during his adolescence.

As with other artists on Wayside and Woodland (epic45, Charles Vaughan) Rowley evokes a sense of environment and nostalgia within the songs on ' Into Memory ' albeit as a contrasting companion inasmuch as the environment described here is urban rather than rural. On the track 'Difference in Canals' , Rowley cleverly compares the differences in the areas in which he and the members of epic45 grew up.

Musically, Component#4 has built on the crisp electronica and skeletal rhythms of his debut EP and created a tight collection of atmospheric pop songs where each track complements the other, like chapters in a book. Rowley has performed live as Component#4 and plans to play a series of shows alongside other Wayside and Woodland artists in support of the album in 2015.